Motron has the right product, service and pricing to give your car a new lease on life. Move into a new experience with an Autostart Remote Control Starter, or a new brand-name sound system that will rival the best! ...and if you're looking for something for someone special, a Motron gift certificate is perfect, no matter what the occasion.

Vehicle Security Systems
Much is made of the new generation of vehicle security systems being supplied by the car manufacturers. Just how good are they? The answer depends on what you are protecting against.

If you want THEFT DETERRENCE, they are very effective, and you shouldn't even consider an aftermarket alarm system. Depending on the manufacturer, such systems may be referred to as Passlock, VATS, Encrypted Key, Transponder, Immobilizer, and so on. Car thefts have been dramatically reduced since the introduction of this type of technology.

If you want to protect against intrusion and subsequent theft of the contents of your vehicle, you need an aftermarket security system. There are many to choose from, in installed pricing ranging from $200.00 to $800.00. Before you buy, take the time to speak with one of our expert sales staff to determine exactly which alarm will provide the level of protection you require.

Automotive Electronic Accessory Technicians
In 2000, the Province of Ontario passed new regulations mandating that all technicians installing remote car starters and vehicle immobilizers must be provincially tested, certified and licensed.

Before you have work done to your vehicle, ask to see the installers credentials ! This is for YOUR protection. Today's advanced vehicle control systems can be easily damaged by incorrect installation techniques, causing possible safety hazards and expensive repairs.






Remote Car Starters
We are London's oldest and most experienced automotive electronics sales and service outlet. We've been installing remote car starters since 1984, before most of our competitors even existed! ... and have been in continuous business since 1973! We are London's ONLY electronics specialty shop offering both installation and full in-house repair services. Our staff of electronics technicians and Automotive Electronic Accessory Technicians are the best in southwestern Ontario.

Dealer Installed Upgrades
Buying a new car? The dealer will try to upgrade the factory equipment at the point of sale, wrapping it all into one easy monthly payment ... Before you say yes, think about this:

1. Most dealers do not install aftermaket electronics in house ... they will contract the job to someone working out of the back of a van ... Working conditions are usually sub-optimal, because in most cases, the installer is forced to do his job in the parking lot where the vehicle is located ... do you really think the installer is taking all the time he/she should to make sure the electrical connections are properly made and insulated and the installation is properly tested?

2. Dealers are in business to make money! Statistics prove that the extras sold after the vehicle has been selected are actually the most profitable part of the sale.

Why not consider coming directly to an aftermarket specialist, save the dealers markup, and be assured of a professional, properly done installation where our licensed staff are working in ideal controlled conditions, with the proper resources to do the job right.